Poor Memory?

Can’t Concentrate? Brain Fog?
Do You or Your Child Suffer With ADD / ADHD?
Are You Embarrassed When You Can’t remember
Someone’s Name?

Book Benefits Include:
Dramatically Improve Your Focus, Concentration, Mood, Memory, Mental Energy and Mental Performance!

Read What Doctors and Nutritionists Are Saying About Brighter Mind®!

"Whether or not you are the parent of an autistic child, an adolescent with aggressive behaviors told by his doctors to just keep taking his medications, or an adult with increasing episodes of forgetfulness, the reality remains the same. These individuals confront the daily terror of staring into the abyss of conventional medical treatments that have little if any likelihood of a solution to the disorders they are living with.

The work of Dr. Kyl Smith, entitled "Brighter Mind" however can change all of that despair to vision of hope. "Brighter Mind" is a textbook for prevention or correction of Neurologic Disorders that have confounded conventional medical doctors until now. Dr. Smith's solutions, which he provides ample scientific study to back up, are nutrition based and can be done on your own without the need of a doctors assistance, A "Brighter Mind" will brighten your outlook for both you and the rest of your family. "

Dennis J. Courtney, M.D.
Director - Courtney Medical Group
Host of the Radio Talk Show "AM Impact On Your Health"

Brighter Mind® For Children

Sub-Clinical Deficiencies Are Common – And Significant – in American Children

Even in America, one of the best-fed nations on the planet, nutritional deficiencies are remarkably common. We have access to a virtually unlimited number of calories, but vitamins, minerals, accessory nutrients, and healthful fats are far harder to come by in our modern food supply.

Even in our overfed nation, poor nourishment is a major issue. This lack of good nutrition has been linked, in numerous studies, to suboptimal behavior and school performance, as well as to health problems in childhood or those that might not become evident until later in life. And studies find that adding the right nutrients to children’s diets may help prevent, or even reverse, these outcomes.

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Depression, Drugs, and DHA

Depression often boils down to a biochemical imbalance…of fats in the foods we eat.
My book, Brighter Mind, is about the use of nutrition (including supplements) and exercise to improve and optimize cognitive function throughout life. This is my passion, and in the years it took me to write that book, I pored over thousands of research papers from peer-reviewed journals, and research institutions from all over the world.

The role of nutritional deficiencies and imbalances in creating chronic disease states is enormously underestimated by the U.S. medical community. This is slowly changing as physicians recognize the huge role of diet and nutrition in heart disease and cancer, the two leading killers in most Western nations. But the role of nutrition is still very much underappreciated in less deadly conditions, including allergies, asthma, chronic upper respiratory infection, and arthritis; and in psychiatric di

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Brighter Mind Book Benefits

Naturally Improve or Treat:

Depression, Anxiety
Mental Fatigue, Memory Problems
ADD / ADHD and Insomnia

Brighter Mind® Is Based On More
Than 1,400 Peer-Reviewed
Scientific References
That show you How To:

Dramatically improve mental focus, attention, and concentration

Enhance thinking speed and clarity

Improve memory and your ability to remember and recall information

Significantly increase mental energy and alertness

Improve mood, reduce anxiety and depression

Use natural and organic foods and nutrients that are safe and free from side effects

Save money by knowing exactly what to shop for to achieve your goals

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